To keep your Kit and Kaboodal pieces perfect all year round, follow these simple tips:

- To avoid colour running on bright or dark, please wash these items individually for the first wash.
- After the first wash, wash darks, lights and colours in separate washes at all times. 
- For washing instructions on individual items, please see the item’s product description and/or label.
- For a cool machine wash, we recommend washing the items at 30°c for a more delicate, energy-saving wash.
- Do not tumble dry any of our items.
- Do not dry clean any of our items.
- To avoid stretching or pulling of garments, we recommend drying items flat or from garment hangers for the best results.
- Iron all items on a cool setting or steam them. For items with motifs or printed detailing, please iron the items on the reverse side.

Linen Care Guide

Linen is an easy fabric to look after and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle or hand washed, making sure to use low temperatures in lukewarm or cold water. Linen fabrics become softer and more absorbent with each wash, so there’s no need to use fabric conditioners, as this may have a negative effect on the fabric’s composition. 

When drying your linen garments, be sure to reshape them while they are damp and air dry them flat or on a hanger for best results.

You don’t need to iron your linen pieces because the natural creases add to the relaxed appearance of each garment; however, if your linen has become excessively creased, lightly iron it on a low setting or steam it to remove more stubborn creases.

Jersey Care Guide

Prevent your jersey from shrinking or stretching by washing your garments on a cool temperature. Be sure not to overfill your washing machine as this may cause creasing, and your jersey garments won’t be cleaned as effectively. Turn embellished and motif designs inside out before washing, avoiding mixing colours and whites together as the coloured items may bleed.

Reshape your jersey items while they are still damp and air dry them flat or on a hanger to achieve the best results and reduce creasing. They should need very little ironing; however, if you do need to iron your garments, be sure to do this on the reverse side on a low setting.

Knitwear Care Guide

When caring for knitwear items, it’s important to look at the washing instructions per individual item to check for any specific directions. Hand washing your knitwear is the safest option, especially if the item has a percentage of wool in its fabric. If you’re using a washing machine, always wash your knitwear at a cool temperature and with a gentle cycle to avoid any unwanted shrinkage. 

To dry your knitwear, gently reshape each item while they are damp and dry flat in order to avoid any misshaping in the garment. Avoid putting your knitwear in a tumble dryer, as this can also cause shrinking. Once dry, store your knitted garments flat inside drawers rather than hanging them up to avoid them from stretching out over time.

For information on our clothing and footwear sizes, head over to our size guide page.