What is Lagenlook?

Here at Kit and Kaboodal, we’re all about Lagenlook – a unique fashion trend that has become a firm favourite with so many women over the years. The styles available in our own clothing collection are all inspired by this way of dressing, with plenty of wardrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched in a sophisticated layered look. When it comes to Lagenlook, it’s easy to get creative by trying out different combinations of colours and fabrics, but if you’re just starting out, we have plenty of tips to help you to put together a look that you love. 

In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the common Lagenlook questions and showcasing a few of our favourite looks using our very own Kit and Kaboodal pieces to help you to get inspired. Simply use our step-by-step guide to get the look. 

The term ‘Lagenlook’ originated in Germany, with the term translating into ‘layering look’ in English. However, although it started out here, the passion for exploring quirky, unusual shapes in clothing has continued to span many European countries. This clothing style is designed to suit every body shape and is an ideal option for anyone who is looking to put their own stamp on their current style. Lagenlook is centred around layering multiple pieces of clothing to create an individual look that reflects your personal style and incorporates the ideal of expression – pairing clothes and statement accessories to create unique looks that flatter every shape. 

Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Marina Avraam and Rick Owens have all championed the Lagenlook style, creating unique pieces specifically designed to be layered. The biggest misconception about Lagenlook is that it is designed to hide the figure. Instead, we believe that it was created to celebrate all figures – using your unique silhouette as a canvas to blend colours, texture and fabrics in a way that’s uniquely yours!

Your Lagenlook Clothing Checklist

  • Asymmetrical tops and tunics
  • Long hitched or drawstring skirts
  • Lace detail tops or dresses for layering beneath other garments
  • Clothing with built-in layers or combined fabrics
  • Waterfall jackets or cardigans
  • Leggings or jeans
  • Statement scarves
  • Oversized accessories

How to Wear Lagenlook

  1. First, we recommend that you start with a pair of leggings or jeans to create the perfect base for your Lagenlook. Opting for classic black, navy or a lighter grey are all great options as these shades are extremely easy to style and pair well with other colour palettes. If your Lagenlook incorporates a dress, you could also start off your outfit with a pair of tights to keep your legs warm.

2. Next, add a top, tunic or dress of your choice to add another layer of fabric to your ensemble. Our Made in Italy Cleeve Cotton Tiered Tunic is an excellent option for this, as its lightweight linen fabric has a beautiful pleated effect which ties in with the classic Lagenlook aesthetic. Available in a variety of colours, any shade that you choose is guaranteed to go perfectly with any neutral baselayers.

3. To really nail the Lagenlook style, try adding another layer by putting on a vest or long-sleeved top underneath your top or tunic to add another dimension to your ensemble. This gives you the opportunity to add a pop of colour or opt for a neutral tone that ties your look together.
If you’re wearing a dress, you could also put on a Kit and Kaboodal Windsor Petticoat to create a fun statement look that you can dress up or down.

 4. To complete your Lagenlook outfit, you’ll need some statement accessories to layer over the top of your clothing. Lagenlook is all about not being afraid to show off your individuality, so your accessories should be bold, bright and, most of all, you.
Whatever the weather, a scarf instantly adds the perfect finishing touch to this type of outfit. Whether you choose a thick, cosy scarf for when it’s cold or a lighter scarf in warmer temperatures, they offer a great way to add an extra layer of colour or pattern to your finished look. 

5.If scarves aren’t for you, try adding a touch of sparkle to your Lagenlook ensemble with some eyecatching items of jewellery. With everything from statement necklaces to understated bracelets, we’ve got an excellent selection of jewellery pieces for you to explore that are ideal for layering and add a beautiful finishing touch to your Lagenlook style.

At Kit and Kaboodal, we adore the relaxed aesthetic and endless creativity of the Lagenlook style, which is why our current clothing collection is packed full of pieces that look gorgeous when layered together. With our guide, you can let your imagination run wild and begin putting together your very own Lagenlook-inspired outfits.

Find more inspiration, along with tips and tricks on how to wear the Lagenlook trend by browsing our website for the latest pieces. If you decide to try out a Lagenlook inspired outfit or layered combination, be sure to share it with us on social media!