Linen Layers: How To Style Italian Dresses In Winter

Who said linen was just for summer? While the lightweight material is perfect for keeping us cool during the warmer months, here at Kit and Kaboodal, we want to show you how you can transition your favourite linen dresses, tops and tunics into autumn and winter, too. When it comes to wearing linen clothing in the colder seasons, it’s all about how you style it. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make our Italian linen clothing key pieces in your winter wardrobe this year.

Layer on Layers

Don’t want to part with your favourite Italian linen dresses and tunics for the year? Our number one tip when it comes to transitioning your linen clothing into autumn and winter is to be clever with your layering. 

Tops and jumpers

While in summer you may wear your linen dress on its own or with a little T-shirt underneath, a key way to make your linen clothing autumn/winter-friendly is to layer with a long-sleeved top or polo neck instead. Having an extra piece of fabric close to your skin will act as an insulating layer upon which you can then slip your linen dress, shirt or tunic over. The result is a chic, seasonal look that keeps you cosy in the coldest weather.

Leggings and Jeans

This trick works with your bottom half too. As well as tights, we love our Italian linen dresses and tunics paired with thick leggings for a cosier feel. On really chilly days, you can also try pairing your skinny jeans with our Italian linen dresses and tunics for a casual look that will also keep you snug and warm. 

Mix Fabrics

While layering is key, it’s also important to pick the right types of fabrics to layer with for optimum warmth. Our second tip for taking your Italian linen clothing into autumn and winter is to pair it with heavier, seasonal fabrics such as wool and thick cotton. For example, you can try layering knitwear over your Italian linen dresses, or a cashmere scarf over your tunic. Though linen is thought of as a summer fabric, pairing it with wintery fabrics helps transform your whole look for the new season.

Pick Seasonal Colours

And finally, our last top tip for wearing linen clothing in winter is to choose a seasonal colour palette. To give your Italian linen dresses, tops, trousers or shirts a more seasonally suitable aesthetic, consider steering away from spring/summer hues such as pastels and paintbox brights and instead opt for warm, natural shades and richer jewel tones. If your existing linen clothing from summer is a lighter and brighter colour palette, this trick can involve simply choosing layers in these shades to complement your outfit and perfect your autumn/winter look. 

Our Italian Linen Clothing 

At Kit and Kaboodal, we’re proud that the beautiful Italian linen dresses, tunics, tops and trousers in our Made in Italy collection are made from authentic 100% Italian linen. With a huge range of styles, stunning colours and patterns to choose from, you can find premium-quality Italian linen clothing to see you through every season in style!

To nail your winter wardrobe this year, pair your Italian linen outfits with our cosy coats, scarves and winter boots. Don’t forget to tell us how you styled them!