Ever wished shopping online was a bit more personal?
Maybe a touch more glitzy?
Perhaps with a VIP area for loyal customers?

Wish no longer – introducing the Kit & Kaboodal Members Club!

You may have heard about this group already, or may even be a member, but if not, this blog post is definitely going to interest you!

Over the past month the Kit and Kaboodal Members Club has been with hundreds of you lovely ladies asking to be part of the group, but what exactly does it entail?

This Facebook group is a Kit and Kaboodal community where you can share your thoughts, questions and ideas with fellow kaboodalers. Enjoy sharing a selfie in a purchase,  telling us about your favourite ways to style it, anything you want and the other group members will join in the fun.

If you’re not the type to post pictures of yourself, worry not. The group isn’t just about selfies! You can ask questions or help answer them. Or simply observe and enjoy seeing what all the styles look like of different shapes and sizes. All the members enjoy a good giggle and in recent months have even referred to themselves as ‘Kit and Kaboodal Addicts Anonymous’.

Another bonus of being a member is you get first dibs on all the latest stock, designs and unique Kit and Kaboodal fabrics. You also get access to special offers and promotions just for you to use!

So how can you become a member?

If you have placed 3 or more orders in the last 3 months, simply head to the Kit and Kaboodal Members Club and request to join here!

Once we have received your request our Kit and Kaboodal team will check you qualify and you will be accepted. Then the fun can begin and you can start sharing your style!