How to Wear a Scarf with a Coat

Although we love the summer months, there are definitely benefits to being able to wrap up warm in cosy knitwear during the winter! Scarves are great for keeping out the chill, and we have a wide range of knitted scarves that are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish during the colder months. As we do live in the UK, the chances are that even our summer months will be dotted with chilly days, so we like to keep our scarves close by – just in case!

We firmly believe that outerwear is more than just something to keep you wrapped up. It’s an extension of your style and the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. A coloured scarf paired with a jacket or cardigan can instantly brighten up your mood, even on a cloudy day. Here at Kit and Kaboodal, our team has plenty of ideas on how to wear a scarf with a coat.

“When winter arrives, knitted scarves are a brilliant way to keep cosy. Here we have picked out the wine colour of the coat to match with one of the colours in the scarf. Then we have picked blue boots to match another colour in the scarf. In this way, you can create a whole palette from just one scarf!”

How to Accessorise a Scarf

Scarves are one of the best accessories out there, but what else can you pair them with without running the risk of ‘accessory overload’? We offer a wide range of ladies accessories that are sure to complement a wide range of scarves, from woolly hats to statement necklaces and bracelets that you can layer without worrying about overkill. Let’s face it ladies – we all love that extra bit of sparkle!

Here’s our team showing off their favourite Kit and Kaboodal outfits and their unique ways of how to wear a scarf.

“Have fun adding bold patterns to your outfits with our ever-changing scarf range. Silver and gold jewellery tie in perfectly, and you can even match your bag to your scarf to complete the outfit. Just have confidence in your decisions and enjoy playing around with different colours!”

3 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf

Adding a scarf to your outfit has the power to elevate your look beautifully, but when it comes to tying your scarf, it can be difficult to decide which method is best for your ensemble. Here are three easy ways to tie a scarf that are sure to complement your chosen outfit. Give them a try today and change up your look in an instant.

Loop Through

An easy style that is suitable for a silk or woollen scarf, the loop-through method allows you to completely cover your neck, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures. To achieve this look, simply fold your chosen scarf in half lengthways, hang it around your neck and pull both of the ends through the loop on the opposite side. This kind of tie looks amazing with a boucle or teddy coat and adds another dimension to any autumn or winter outfit. 

Front Tie

This super-secure method is ideal for those days when the weather isn’t at its best, and you need to wrap up. First of all, hang your scarf evenly around your neck, then cross the two ends over and tie them together, positioning the tie in the middle of your chest. This easy method is perfect for adding an extra element of warmth to your outfit, whether you are wearing a coat, jacket or gilet.

Neck Tie

A sophisticated neck-tie is a perfect option for any satin or linen scarf as it allows you to showcase its beautiful patterns and colours while still keeping it secure. To complete this simple tie, simply drape your scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Then, place the longer end underneath and then over the short end to make a loop. Once you have done this, feed the longer end up and into the loop to create the knot and tighten this so that it sits comfortably on your neck.