How To Embrace Layering And Build A Stylish Winter Wardrobe

During the winter months, do you find yourself putting aside your nice tops and dresses and opting only for the same few woolly jumpers on an endless cycle? Make this cold-season styling rut a thing of the past by learning how to build your perfect wardrobe and layer clothes for winter like a pro!

Layering clothes for winter can be both stylish and practical and, here at Kit and Kaboodal, we’re going to show you how! Read on for our top styling tips which are sure to help you to stay warm and on-trend this season.

How To Dress In Layers

When it comes to layers, it’s not simply a case of throwing on T-shirt after T-shirt; there’s a particular system to layering your clothes for winter which will help to keep you warm. Here’s how to layer clothes for winter to keep both snug and stylish.

Firstly, there’s your base layer. This is a fitted item of clothing such as a long sleeve top which helps to trap in your body heat whilst removing any moisture which may make you cold.

Secondly, we have the inner layer. This tends to be a thicker garment such as a woolly jumper or fleece (the base and inner layer can interchange depending on how you feel). The main role of the inner layer is to insulate your body as well as help to remove any moisture from the base layer.

Finally, there’s the outer layer. This is a baggy item of clothing such as a gilet or coat which helps the airflow between your layers, warming you up but also cooling you down if you get too hot. Having a loose-fitting outer layer also helps you to move more freely.

7 Top Tips for Layering in Winter

When it comes to layering clothes for winter, there are a few key hacks to remember when you get dressed. Try these tips to keep yourself looking super cosy as well as chic.   

Warm up by layering sweaters

There’s nothing better than an oversized sweater during the winter months to keep yourself warm, but why not go a step further? Using your sweatshirt as an outer layer leaves you plenty of room to add vests, t-shirts and even fine-knit jumpers to boost your level of warmth instantly. You can even go a step further and throw one of our gorgeous women’s coats over the top for the ultimate winter look. 

Wear tights under jeans

This clever trick is essential when it comes to layering for winter! Denim can feel cold and very unappealing to wear on a freezing day, but when a pair of joggers just won’t do, slipping on a pair of tights before your jeans will make all the difference. Not only will you be warmer, but you’ll be comfier too.

Wear leggings under long dresses

Similarly, another great tip is to wear leggings under long dresses and skirts. While you might only need a pair of thin tights or even bare legs in summer, opting for leggings under your dress in winter ensures that you’ll be cosy, warm and comfortable. If your dress or skirt is long enough, no one will be able to tell, so the thicker the better!

Tuck skinny jeans into boots

When it’s really cold outside, save your ankles from the chill by tucking your skinny jeans into knee-length boots. You can wear your fluffiest pair of socks to keep your feet warm, and they’ll stay hidden from view. 

Layer fine knits under thick knits

When it comes to layering clothes for winter, two jumpers are better than one! Opt for a fine knit jumper or a classic turtle neck that you can wear over a chunkier knit, and you’re bound to stay cosy and warm.

Stay snug with a scarf

Scarves are one of our favourite styling tips for staying warm because they not only keep you snug but also act as a great accessory to show off. They’re often the perfect way to add a pop of colour or pattern to the typically dark hues of autumn/winter.

Choose coats with cosy fabrics

The fabrics you choose for your winter layers can make or break your outfit. Some materials are much better suited to fighting the chill than others, and layering clothes for winter is all about thick, cosy fabrics. Save the denim jacket or light cotton layers for spring and summer and opt instead for thicker fabrics like velvet, leather wool and corduroy. Think teddy coats, fleecy jackets and warm wool jumpers!

Styling Linen Dresses in Winter

Who said that linen was just for summer? While its lightweight material is perfect for keeping us cool during the warmer months, it’s super simple to transition your favourite linen dresses, tops and tunics into the autumn and winter seasons too. When it comes to wearing linen clothing in the colder months, it’s all about how you style it. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make our Italian linen clothing key pieces in your winter wardrobe this year.

Layer on Layers

Don’t want to part with your favourite Italian linen dresses and tunics for the year? Our number one tip when it comes to transitioning your linen clothing into autumn and winter is to become clever with your layering. 

Women’s Knitwear

While linen tops, tunics and dresses are typically considered summer clothing items, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate them into your winter wardrobe too. One of the easiest ways to add your linen pieces into your winter clothing collection seamlessly is by layering cosy knitwear pieces over the top. Transform the look of a thin linen top by throwing on a knitted cardigan and opting for a warm pair of jeans and sturdy boots to complete your look. This also works well for linen dresses too, as they can easily be transported into the winter season by adding a jumper over the top and a thick pair of tights to ensure that you stay extra warm.

Women’s Wool Coats

A great winter coat is the ultimate key piece for the colder months, and here at Kit & Kaboodal, we’re certain that our gorgeous women’s wool coats provide the best quality around. They are the most important layering item as they lock in warmth and protect you from the elements throughout the season, and you’re sure to be reaching for yours for years to come. Each piece in our range of premium women’s wool coats will look amazing when worn with any of your linen garments, whether it’s over a linen dress and tights or a linen top and jeans.

Long Sleeve Tops

During the summer, you may wear your linen dress on its own or with a light t-shirt underneath, but a key way to make your linen clothing autumn/winter-friendly is to layer with a long-sleeved top or turtleneck instead. Having an extra piece of fabric close to your skin will act as an insulating layer upon which you can then slip your linen dress, shirt or tunic over. The result is a chic, seasonal look that keeps you cosy in the coldest weather.

Leggings and Jeans

This trick works just the same with your bottom half too. As well as tights, we love our Italian linen dresses and tunics paired with thick leggings for a cosier feel. On really chilly days, you can also try pairing your skinny jeans with our Italian linen dresses and tunics for a casual look that will also keep you snug and warm.

Mix Fabrics

While layering is key, it’s also important to pick the right types of fabrics to layer with for optimum warmth. Our second tip for taking your Italian linen clothing into autumn and winter is to pair it with heavier, seasonal fabrics such as wool and thick cotton. For example, you can try layering knitwear or jersey over your Italian linen dresses or a cashmere scarf over your tunic. Though linen is thought of as a summer fabric, pairing it with wintery fabrics helps transform your whole look for the new season.

Pick Seasonal Colours

And finally, our last top tip for wearing linen clothing in winter is to choose a seasonal colour palette. To give your Italian linen dresses, tops, trousers or shirts a more seasonally suitable aesthetic, consider steering away from spring/summer hues such as pastels and paintbox brights and instead opt for warm, natural shades and richer jewel tones. If your existing linen clothing from summer is a lighter and brighter colour palette, this trick can involve simply choosing layers in these shades to complement your outfit and perfect your autumn/winter look. 

Our Italian Linen Clothing 

At Kit and Kaboodal, we’re proud that the beautiful Italian linen dresses, tunics, tops and trousers in our Made in Italy collection are made from authentic 100% Italian linen. With a huge range of styles, stunning colours and patterns to choose from, you can find premium-quality Italian linen clothing to see you through every season in style!

To nail your winter wardrobe this year, pair your outfits with our cosy coats, scarves and winter boots. Don’t forget to tell us how you styled them!