Here at Kit and Kaboodal, we believe that there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a brand new outfit you’ll feel amazing in. 

It can sometimes be a real challenge to find the type of clothing that best suits your figure, whatever your shape or size, but it’s important to remember that fashion is all about having fun, being creative and finding pieces that you love along the way.  

One thing guaranteed to help you to choose the right pieces for you when shopping online or in person is to know what body type your shape is most similar to. By understanding your body shape, you'll have a better idea of your best features and how to draw focus to them.. 

An hourglass shape is one of the many classic silhouettes that exist in fashion. This complete, easy-to- follow guide on how to dress for this particular body shape will help you find the perfect outfit to flatter your figure.

What is an hourglass shape?

An hourglass body shape is typically characterised by hip and bust measurements almost equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement to create an hourglass-shaped silhouette.

Slightly different from other body shapes, weight is typically distributed evenly throughout the body. An hourglass shape is just one example of a specific body type, with apple, pear, rectangle and athletic shapes also commonly referred to in the clothing industry.

What clothes to wear for an hourglass body shape

Whatever your signature style, you’ll want an outfit that is comfortable and flattering, so the best place to start when choosing new clothes is to think about your measurements. 

As the shoulders, bust, and hips are typically wider than the waist in hourglass shapes, you'll want to follow your body's natural silhouette by dressing the top and bottom half proportionally and accentuating your waist. 

While straight and boxy styles might be the perfect addition to your outfit,
they could create a less flattering look for your body shape.

Dresses for hourglass body shapes

When it comes to picking dresses, the options are endless. From wrap and shift dresses to bias and peplum styles, there are plenty of options
that are sure to complement your hourglass figure and make you look and feel great. 

If you’re looking for a new gown to wear for an upcoming event, try one of the following best dresses for hourglass shapes: 

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses create the perfect silhouette for hourglass shapes because they draw attention straight to your waist, where the wrap is secured. 

This detail also provides a tailored effect to your midriff without adding
volume or a boxy look, making it a go-to style for dresses, tops and
jumpsuits. The neckline of a wrap dress is super-flattering and balances out your shoulders, drawing an element of attention to your neck and decolletage.

Shift dresses

Keep it simple with a classic mid-length shift dress to showcase your hourglass figure. While it offers a more straight silhouette than other dress designs, its clean lines follow the shape of your body rather than creating a straight up and down effect. Avoid widening the shoulder line or adding volume to it with embellishments, as the simple
cut of the shift dress is sure to highlight the waist and flatter your
hips and shoulders all by itself.

Full-skirted dresses

Dresses that are fitted at the waist look great on an hourglass figure.  Combining this style with a voluminous full or tulip skirt will draw even more attention to your waist, instantly accentuating your hourglass shape. Opting for fitted sleeves over wide sleeves will help you to avoid adding volume to your top half and ensure a beautifully balanced outfit choice.

We offer plenty of full-skirted designs here at Kit and Kaboodal, which also nip you in at the waist to create a beautiful feminine look.  

Belted dresses

Defining your waist allows you to maintain balanced proportions without adding too much to your top or bottom half. The perfect way to achieve this is by opting for a belted dress to cinch you in at the waist and flatter your hourglass shape.  

Adding detail to your waist is an excellent way to draw the eye to it, and there are plenty of belt dresses to choose from in our Made in Italy linen clothing collection, such as our Salisano Print Belt Dresses.

Tops for hourglass body shapes

You can also change up your selection of tops to complement your hourglass shape. To find the right option for you, read more about the best types of necklines, fits and sleeves that we

Best necklines for hourglass shapes

As it is best to avoid clothing styles that widen the shoulders when
dressing an hourglass shape, there are a small number of different
necklines that work particularly well for tops.

Round, oval, scoop and sweetheart necklines are all extremely flattering as they add subtle detail to the upper body without drawing attention away from your waist. 

Fitted tops make an excellent choice as they are most likely to highlight the natural curve of your body. Avoid tops that feature square, high and turtlenecks where possible, as these may add more volume to your upper body. 

Best sleeves for hourglass shapes

Consider the sleeves of your chosen top to ensure they provide you with a flattering fit, without adding too much detail to your upper body or
hips. The best type of sleeve to wear is a fitted one, however, if your top features ruffles, embellishment or padding in the shoulders or sleeves, be sure to balance this out on your bottom half. 

Try and avoid wide sleeves where possible, as this can create a boxy aesthetic that draws attention to your upper body.

Trousers for hourglass body shapes

When deciding which trousers are best to wear with your hourglass shape, be sure to coordinate them with the top that you’re wearing so that your outfit keeps an element of balance. 

Wide, loose-fitting trousers that go down to the floor, such as our Palazzo pants, are extremely
flattering for this body shape and slim and straight styles.

Try to avoid pleats and embellishments on the hips, as this could also throw your outfit off balance. 

Low-rise cuts have the potential to create the illusion of wider hips, so try opting for a high waist instead for the perfect aesthetic. 

With this guide, you can easily put together outfits based on our top tips
and create a look you love. Here at Kit and Kaboodal, our clothing
collection offers plenty of dresses, tops and trousers that are
guaranteed to flatter your figure and help you look your best.