The Importance of Winter Layers

Have you ever found yourself, during the winter months, putting aside your fancy tops, dresses and trousers, and opting for the more comfy woolly jumper? You might have opted to embrace your Christmas jumper but that doesn’t mean you need to surround yourself with Christmas trees and snowmen designs.

While the Christmas jumper is brilliant for the run up to the festive holiday (and even on the day) you don’t need to wear it throughout winter in order to keep yourself warm. Layering up can be both stylish and practical!

Benefits of Layers

Layers, are a great way to keep yourself insulated during the colder months. It’s not simply a case on throwing on T-shirt after T-shirt, there’s a particular system to layering your clothes which will help to keep you both cool and warm during winter.

Firstly there’s your base layer. This is a fitted item of clothing, such as a T-shirt which helps to trap in your body heat whilst removing any moisture which may make you cold.

Secondly we have the inner layer. This is tend to be a T-shirt or a long sleeved T-shirt (the base and inner layer can interchange depending on how you feel). The job roll of the inner layer is to insulate your body as well as help to remove any moisture from the base layer.

Finally there’s the outer layer. This is a baggy item of clothing- such as a jumper- which help the air flow between your layers, cooling you down if you get too hot. Having a loose fitting outer layer also help you move freely.

Our stunning made in Italy clothing is perfect for you to layer up this winter. Their light weight, loose fitting cut allows you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of our scarves, shirts, jumpers and jackets, no matter how many layers you choose to wear. We have a selection of light weight jumpers you can use as your outer layer this winter, while a simple camisole or t-shirt will fit comfortably beneath as your base layer!


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