Kit and Kaboodal Members Club

Ever wished shopping online was a bit more personal? Maybe a touch more glitzy? Perhaps with a VIP area for loyal customers? Wish no longer – introducing the Kit & Kaboodal Members Club! You may have heard about this group already, or may even be a member, but if not, this blog post is definitely going to interest you! Over the past month the Kit and Kaboodal Members Club has been gwith hundreds of you lovely ladies asking to be part of the group, but what exactly does it entail?... Read More


Your Summer Story Starts Here

As the sun starts to shine our minds drift off to busy beer gardens, long alfresco lunches, sandy beaches and jetting off on holiday. Then boom, we are hit with fret, what are we going to wear in the heat? Here at Kit and Kaboodal we are very familar with the ‘fret’, but worry not we have stunning arrivals that will be perfect to wear all summer long.  Think loose layers, lightweight fabrics and luscious colours. So to celebrate the start of Summer we have a wardrobe guide to your... Read More


What is Lagenlook?

Here at Kit and Kaboodal, we’re all about Lagenlook – a unique fashion trend that has become a firm favourite with so many women over the years. The styles available in our own clothing collection are all inspired by this way of dressing, with plenty of wardrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched in a sophisticated layered look. When it comes to Lagenlook, it’s easy to get creative by trying out different combinations of colours and fabrics, but if you’re just starting out, we have plenty of tips to... Read More