Potters Yard

It’s been go go go at Kit and Kaboodal these last few weeks as we expanded our premises and moved our warehouse into a new purpose built unit. As the company continues to grow so does our demand for space and this new warehouse means we can stock more clothes and accessories(YAY), have more space for shopping on open weekends(double YAY), and we can change our existing unit into a state of the art social media space, meaning more content, more videos and more interaction with you (triple YAY).

It was like a episode of changing rooms as the team all got together and put in the extra hours to transfer all our stock over on one very long and busy Saturday! All the hard work wasn’t without reward though, as the day drew to an end everyone rested their feet with a glass of fizz in one hand and the good old British favourite, fish and chips, in the other!


As Monday morning arrived the teams departed into their new premises and got ready to work in there spacious areas, hurrah! Let’s take a look at the new warehouse…

Join Helen, Laura and Naomi for a warehouse tour…

The rails are nearly full already!

So many scarves, so little time!

Time for a new pair of shoes!

Helen and Molly are discussing the latest deliveries from Italy!

Carley is quickly picking your orders!

Alex is the man for the job when it comes to working the lift!

Linda is packing your parcels with love!

Look out for our gorgeous new collections landing online, especially now we have so much more space to fill with Made in Italy clothing. Make sure to attend one of our open weekends where you can see the new space for yourself. Keep on the lookout for more information on our existing unit changing into our photography and social media hub too, we can’t wait.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support making exciting changes like this possible!


Kit and Kaboodal


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