Plus Size Fashion Tips

Here at Kit and Kaboodal, we believe that every woman has the right to enjoy fashionable clothing no matter what her size. Our plus size collection at Kit and Kaboodal is specifically designed to offer just as many style options as our standard ranges, and we want you to be able to enjoy our plus size fashion to its fullest!

For many years, plus size women were advised to wear and avoid all different kinds of clothing, but we’re huge believers that the only rule you should follow is to wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable and stylish. If you’re still feeling a little unsure of what plus size styles to go for, however, let us guide you with our top plus size fashion tips at Kit and Kaboodal – we’ll have you feeling fabulous in no time!

Breaking The Rules

There are so many different plus size fashion “rules” that plus size women have been told to follow over the years – but the real secret is that you don’t have to follow any rules at all! Showing off your curves can be a really empowering way to dress, and choosing plus size clothing that shows off your VBO (visible body outline) is becoming increasingly popular in the plus size community.

After years of being told to cover up or wear neutral colours to fade into the background, we can see plus size women of all shapes, sizes and even ages coming together to celebrate the plus size figure in all its forms by wearing all kinds of plus size clothing in bright colours, bold prints (yes, even stripes!) and cuts that make them feel confident and fashionable in their clothing – a super positive plus size movement that we can really get behind!

Shapeless Chic

Of course that’s not to say that you can’t indulge in a little shapeless chic! If skimming over your curves or covering up certain parts of your figure is what helps you to feel confident then you may feel just as empowered by choosing flowing plus size clothing for a shapeless chic look that still looks just as fashionable!

Lagenlook is a trend that particularly lends itself to this style of plus size fashion and can offer a multitude of styling options for plus size women! Lagenlook is all about taking loose layers of plus size clothing in different fabrics and textures, meaning you can completely customise your look to suit your individual sense of style.

We love the Lagenlook trend at Kit and Kaboodal, so you’ll be able to find plenty of Lagenlook inspired plus size clothing that takes a leaf out of the ‘no style rules’ book by embracing bright and bold colours and patterns so you never have to fade into the background!

Working With Tops & Tunics

Sometimes when we’re choosing plus size fashion we can become too focused on plus size dresses alone, which doesn’t always leave us many options for casual styling. If you’re looking for an easy day-to-day plus size style, we recommend filling your wardrobe with some plus size tops and plus size tunics.

These items pair easily with a comfortable pair of leggings or jeans and can be dressed up or down depending on how you choose to accessorise! Comfortable and casual, having a few a plus size tops or tunics to hand in your wardrobe means you’ll always have a go-to daytime style to reach for if you’re in a hurry!


We hope that our plus size fashion tips will help you to feel confident enough to experiment with all that our plus size collection has to offer you. You deserve to look and feel fashionable regardless of size! Share your favourite plus size looks with us on Instagram or Facebook, we can’t wait to see what fabulous Kit and Kaboodal plus size styles you’re wearing.


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