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Colour Matching Style Guide

The right colours can really make or break an outfit, especially if you’re like us and love to layer! Colour matching adds depth, tones and cohesion to a look, but which colours should you be matching when creating an outfit? It’s easy to get in a style rut and stick to the same items of clothing each week, let’s face it, who hasn’t resorted to head to toe black cause it’s easier than branching out? In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best colour combinations to... Read More


All about Florals!

This Spring/Summer is all about the power of the flower! Florals are set to be a big trend in print this season and we are absolutely embracing them at Kit and Kaboodal.  We are super excited to share some great news with you too… Our main brand Made in Italy have created an exclusive floral print for us which is featured on many of our ever popular linen styles, from Lulus to Barmouths, to Zig Zags to Artists. All these gorgeous styles feature this stunning floral print in a palette... Read More


What Is Lagenlook?

At Kit and Kaboodal, we’re all about Lagenlook! Take a look at our Lagenlook Clothing to find your next wardrobe essential. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the common Lagenlook questions and pick some of our favourite Kit and Kaboodal pieces to help you get the look! A post shared by Kit and Kaboodal (@kit_and_kaboodal) on Oct 11, 2017 at 3:55am PDT So, what is Lagenlook? Literally translated to mean ‘layering look’, this European clothing style is designed to suit everyone and is ideal for those looking... Read More


The Importance of Winter Layers

Have you ever found yourself, during the winter months, putting aside your fancy tops, dresses and trousers, and opting for the more comfy woolly jumper? You might have opted to embrace your Christmas jumper but that doesn’t mean you need to surround yourself with Christmas trees and snowmen designs. While the Christmas jumper is brilliant for the run up to the festive holiday (and even on the day) you don’t need to wear it throughout winter in order to keep yourself warm. Layering up can be both stylish and practical!... Read More


Practical Fashion: What Does it Mean?

Dressing fashionably and comfortably is something that people all over the world have been striving for for a very long time, but is it really as difficult as it seems? When we see fashion shows on our TV screens, it’s often easy to see why many people believe that being fashionable means sacrificing practicality, especially in tight fitting clothes and uncomfortable looking shoes. However, here at Kit and Kaboodal, we think that it is possible to dress fashionably and still be practical at the same time. So, what does practical... Read More