Colour Matching Style Guide

The right colours can really make or break an outfit, especially if you’re like us and love to layer! Colour matching adds depth, tones and cohesion to a look, but which colours should you be matching when creating an outfit?

It’s easy to get in a style rut and stick to the same items of clothing each week, let’s face it, who hasn’t resorted to head to toe black cause it’s easier than branching out? In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best colour combinations to use when layering and some surprise pairings that you might not have considered. Hopefully, this will give you the inspiration you need to dig through your wardrobe and give new life to some old favourites or treat yourself to some new colourful pieces from Kit and Kaboodal!

Define Your Neutrals
Every wardrobe needs a great neutral base. It may seem strange to be telling you to focus on neutral shades when we’re about to talk colour matching, but this is the first step to building some really eye-catching, colourful looks.

Neutral colours work well with all other colours and are impossible to clash, think of them as supporting actors in your wardrobe just waiting for you to bring in the lead!

Example neutral shades;

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Navy
  • Beige

If you’re not ready to go all-out with your colour matching, these neutral colours work as a great starting point for any outfit. Look for staple jackets, tops, dresses and tunics in these colours to start with and once you’re comfortable, it’s time to start injecting those all-important shades, starting with…

The Pop of Colour

Adding a splash of colour to a neutral outfit is a great first step and since there’s no risk of clashing, you can be as bold as you wish! When the focus of your outfit is the ‘pop’ of colour, you can afford to be bold and bright, so step away from the pastel shades and start thinking about which colours really draw you to them.

A neutral pair of legging or jeans will look great with a splash of cobalt, fuschia, red, emerald green or mustard – basically any shade you can think of. Finish with a jacket or cardigan in a neutral shade and you have a look that will effortlessly see you from day to night.

The same rules go for dresses, a neutral colour dress can be instantly amped up with a brightly coloured scarf or jacket, even a pair of statement colour boots will give your outfit that fabulous pop of colour.

We’ve asked the team to put together some of our favourite ‘pop of colour’ looks using Kit and Kaboodal clothing, which one is your favourite?

These beautiful pieces can be found in our latest arrivals. Simply browse our new in selection along with our footwear, dresses and tops departments for these colourful wardrobe must haves!

The Perfect Pairings
Once you’ve got to grips with the pop of colour, it’s time to start adding more fabulous shades into your wardrobe. To avoid looking like you’ve fallen head first into a dressing up box (although sometimes fancy dress is the only way!) we’ve looked at some of the best colour pairings that you can use every day.

Pink & Grey
This is one of our favourite colour pairings as it’s just so versatile! These two colours compliment each other perfectly and you can play around with any variation of the shades to create a look that won’t go out of style. Pale pink knitwear looks great layered over grey leggings and a statement pink jacket will go perfectly with a grey dress or tunic.

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Blue & Turquoise
This beautiful colour combination is perfect for those looking to embrace brighter shades. It’s rare to find shades of blue that don’t work well paired together but there is something very special about the sophistication that blue and turquoise brings to an outfit. We love the impact of turquoise accessories worn over a cobalt blue outfit. The colour really stands out and you can add other neutral elements to the outfit to keep the focus on the colour pairing.

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Tan & Burgundy
For those looking to venture into the world of colour, but not wanting to go too bright – this is a great option. The warming tones of tan and burgundy work wonderfully together, especially when you play with chunky fabrics and layering. As these colours can be quite dark, we’ve worked with embellishments and patterns to create extra tones and depths.

Orange & Blue
Two bold shades that will definitely turn heads, we love this combination and think it’s perfect for summer holidays. If you’re not confident to go for a full blue and orange ensemble, we’ve picked some of our favourite ways to style this trend with footwear and accessories. Don’t be afraid to play with textures here, combining different fabrics will actually soften the look and give your whole outfit that extra dash of sophistication.

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Green & Yellow
This colour combination may sound strange but stay with us! There are so many shades that live under the green and yellow umbrella and when paired together create a look that we think screams ‘Autumn strolls’. We’ve stuck to a forest green and mustard palette here to show how great these two colours work together.

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Pale Blue & Pink
For those who love all things pastel, this is the colour combination for you. Pale blue and pinks work perfectly together, creating a soft palate that is perfect for the spring and summer months. Again, texture is key here and we recommend layering soft knits with other fabrics to give the outfit more depth.

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What are you favourite colour combinations? Have we inspired you to be a little more daring with your wardrobe or are you happy sticking with your everyday outfits? Get in touch and let us know!


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