Behind The Scenes: Our Spring Photoshoot At Newburgh Priory

Can you believe it? Despite the wind, snow and endless rain from storm Ciara and Dennis, we have been photographing our new spring collection!

On Wednesday 19th of February our team braved the elements and headed to the beautiful location of Newburgh Priory for our Spring 2020 photoshoot. Newburgh Priory is a picturesque property sitting on the edge of the Howardian Hills near Coxwold, a village very close to our HQ. This location is one of our favourites for many reasons. Firstly because it’s in an area of outstanding beauty with scenic gardens, a large lake and topiary gardens, and secondly because of the historical priory with a stunning yet charming interior, long gallery ruins and even a cursed area where Oliver Cromwell’s body is allegedly buried!

The day at the priory started with everyone gathering in the property’s tea room and the old servants’ quaters, where you can find bells connecting to all the rooms in the house – just like Downton Abbey! Like most of our photoshoots we had a lot of equipment and a large team of us working on the day: two photographers, two videographers, two models, one make up artist, two stylists and three runners.

Without any delay, our make up artist got to work and started the models’ hair and make up whilst the photographers and videographers scouted out the best spots to capture the garments. Meanwhile our stylists and runners set up the rails and planned the running order of the day.

Once the models were ready, the cameras and video equipment were set up and we were ready to roll! Our runners carried coats and coffee to keep the models warm between shots and we began snapping the first linen styles of the day – not the warmest of clothes to photograph during a February storm! The models faught the cold and posed to perfection, fooling all of us that we were really in the middle of spring.

Working as quickly as they could our photographers captured shots for our social media, website, emails and our upcoming look book – exciting! Once they were confident that they’d got the right shot, our videographers stepped in to capture our garments in motion as well as some behind the scenes content – where you will mostly find our team laughing and giggling, distracting ourselves from the cool chill in the air.

After a few hours of shooting we decided it was time to warm up so we headed to the tea rooms and tucked into sandwiches, cheese straws and sausage rolls, as well as plenty of cups of tea and coffee.

Refuelled and ready to go again, we decided to head outside and grab the last few shots we needed before the rain began. Take a look at our behind the scenes pictures from the day…

Outdoor photography complete, we then ventured inside to explore the many rooms of the property. The inside photography took a bit more setting up with our team gathering flashes and extra lights to create the perfect pictures. Starting downstairs we captured garments in the elegant halls with parquet floors and grand gilded reception rooms. We then explored the upstairs rooms to snap the last few garments of the day. However we were a little too spooked to go up the next flight of stairs to the haunted areas of the house for some shots – who knows what we would have captured in the photographs up there!

With the last style captured, it was time to call it a day! Happy with the results we began packing up our equipment and reloading the cars, ready to head back to Kit and Kaboodal HQ.

Zoom forward to today and you’ll see all these beautiful images on our website! Click here to check out the homepage now. If you are loving these pictures why not sign up to receive our look book too? Simply call our team on 01423 325725 and we can sign you up.

Lots of love,

Kit and Kaboodal


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